About Restoration Ironwork

Restoration Ironwork is a small friendly company near Skipton, North Yorkshire. We are Blacksmiths and Fabricators with over 30 years of experience. We have undertaken everything from Handmade Nails for Oak Doors, to Reproduction Victorian Porticos.

Often working on Heritage sites sub contracting for some of the best known Restoration Engineers in the UK or on new projects such as Shopping Centres, you will be surprised at the versatility and range of metalwork we can produce

In these days of mass production and foreign imports we pride ourselves in our quality bespoke work using castings where appropriate and steel produced in the UK. We can also work with genuine Wrought Iron.

Please click on the sections you are interested in to see examples of our work. Thank you for your interest.


Reproduction of Heritage Ironwork including Victorian and Railway Works.

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Specialist Restoration and Repair Work to Historic Ironwork.

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Domestic & Architectural

Curtain Poles, Lighting and many other Architectural items for your Home

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